Case Study: Dominion Homes

Case Study: Dominion Homes | Dauenhauer Plumbing

Why Dominion Selected Dauenhauer

Dominion Homes’ priority is and always has been to construct quality homes for our customers, to provide great service, to be a leader in innovation and to be a good neighbor. We expect no less from our vendor partners. So, when the time came to choose a plumbing partner, Dauenhauer was a natural fit.

"Like Dominion, Dauenhauer is focused on top-quality workmanship and they stand behind their product," said Jarrod Vowels, General Manager of Dominion Homes' Kentucky division. "We're proud to be working with such a talented team of individuals."


It was Dauenhauer's reputation for high quality work and exceptional service that first brought them to Dominion Homes' attention when seeking bids for the plumbing work in our communities. At Dominion, we hold our vendors to the highest standards in both regards.
Dauenhauer not only meets these exacting standards, they do so at a competitive price.

Schedules are incredibly tight in the homebuilding business, with only a short window of time for each vendor to complete their work. Dauenhauer has never missed a completion date. Better yet, they stand behind their work, so we know we’re getting a quality, professional job every time. After working with Dauenhauer for over a decade, not once have we heard a Dominion homeowner complaining about a service call involving them, which is high praise.

There’s a saying, "You're only as good as the people you surround yourself with". Dauenhauer clearly embraces that philosophy. No matter the time of day, we can always reach somebody in their office. Their plumbers out in the field do an exceptional job in both the work they perform and the relationships they have built with the Dominion Homes team. And, their management team is no exception. We are truly partners in the homebuilding business.

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