How Heavy Rain Affects Your Pipes

If it feels like your umbrella has gotten a workout for the past few weeks, it’s not your imagination. May is the month with the Louisville area’s highest average rainfall. Last month’s total of 5.76 inches was even higher than our historic average. June also seems to be shaping up to be a rainy month. If the skies keep clouding up, the forecast for your home’s plumbing system and drains could be worrisome.

Heavy rainfall can do more than ruin your plans for the family picnic and leave your patio furniture waterlogged. All that water creates increased pressure, which can damage your pipes or seep into your basement. There’s a reason water is known as the most destructive substance on earth. Over time, it will wear away even solid rock. During times of record precipitation, it can cause homeowners serious damage in a much shorter period.

Heavy rain creates runoff and flooding, which puts more pressure on pipes and drains. When the ground becomes saturated with rain water, it softens enough that shifting soil and rocks can strain or break your buried pipes. If pipes become crushed or cracked, dirt and debris can enter and clog things up, doing even more damage. Heavy precipitation can also cause flooding in your basement. If your sump pump fails or can’t keep up with the high volume of water, the damage to your home’s basement can be severe.

If the heavy rains in the area have made a mess of your home’s plumbing system, call Dauenhauer Plumbing. Our friendly, licensed technicians can fix busted pipes or replace a busted sump pump lickety-split.