The Surprising Facts About Bathroom Phone Habits

Do you text from the toilet? Spend time surfing on the seat? You may be embarrassed to admit it, but you’re certainly not alone. A survey done last year asked 1,000 people about their mobile habits in the bathroom. You may as well just call it “the porcelain phone booth” judging by the results.

According to a recent study, and another one from the University of Washington, you’re more likely to use your phone on the throne if you’re male, younger and more tech-savvy. Millennials are the most mobile-addicted demographic, with 91 percent reporting they used their devices on the potty. At the other end of the age spectrum, even the members of the Silent Generation, aged 66 and older, are getting chatty on the potty, with 47 percent admitting they’ve used their mobile while taking care of business.

The practice of updating social networks from the toilet has become so commonplace, cheeky toilet paper brand Charmin tags their Twitter updates with #tweetfromtheseat.

All this seated activity has resulted in people spending a lot more time in the bathroom these days. One informal web survey indicated 60 percent of respondents spent anywhere from five to 20 minutes longer in the john every day, because of their smart phone addiction.

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