Who Should You Call: a Licensed Plumber or a Handyman?

Many homeowners and landlords have a trusted handyman they call on to make small repairs around their property. Often, homeowners use a handyman for jobs that could be a DIY project, but they know that they don't have the time or the skill to accomplish the job as quickly or proficiently as he could.

While a handyman might be a good choice for some repair jobs, it's important to know that there are some disadvantages to having him or her take on a plumbing project that would be better suited to a licensed plumbing contractor. As a consumer, here are some things you need to be cautioned about when working with a handyman.

Licensed plumbers have completed extensive professional training in order to obtain a state license. This training usually involves working as an apprentice to a master or journeyman plumber for up to four years, followed by up to five more years of field work. A handyman is typically self-taught.

Licensed plumbers have to learn and keep up to date on all local, state and federal codes and regulations related to plumbing in order to obtain and maintain their license. Even a very honest but uninformed handyman could leave you with a project that will have to be re-done later because it wasn't completed to code.

Licensed plumbers have specialized equipment that handymen usually don't have available. For example, Dauenhauer Plumbing has pipe video inspection equipment that can help us view, diagnose and open clogged underground pipes without digging and ripping up your landscape work, or at least identify the exact location of the blockage so digging will be minimized.

It's good to have a handyman available for some small repair jobs on your property. But when it comes to your plumbing system, a licensed plumber is the safest, most skilled and secure choice.

When you need a plumber, call Dauenhauer, any hour. We'll be right out to help.