6 DIY projects using plumbing parts

We’re not interior designers, but our technicians have noticed a growing trend in our clients’ homes. From Louisville to Lexington, we’re seeing more and more industrial and vintage decor, and guess what? We like it.

Whether it’s using metal pipes for shelving or a light fixture, using raw materials is in right now. Here are a few of our favorite do-it-yourself furniture projects that use plumbing parts.

Simple glass shelves
These shelves are affordable and incredibly easy to make. We think it would be fun to have several different lengths of these shelves, too.

Wooden shelves
These are similar to the shelves above, but they utilize wood for the shelf surface. The article points this out, but we want to call it out as well: Should you use these pipes, you MUST put them into the wall studs. This stuff is heavy, so simply using anchors on your sheetrock might not hold up, especially once you place the shelves and shelves’ content.

Coat rack
This project is really cool. Heck, we might even install one at the office! One thing we love about it is that it’s completely customizable. However, as noted above, you just want to make sure that you’re getting a good portion of your screws into studs so you have proper support.

Plumbing table
This table could go for $1,000 in one of those fancy furniture stores. It would look great in a finished basement, living room or man cave. You could even paint the legs to match your favorite basketball team’s colors...

Pipe storage rack
This hanger is $156, but using the same skills in the shelves above, you could build your own for much less and customize the rack for your space. This rack simply spans the wall, creating a hanger for hats, bags, coats and anything else.

Light fixture
This might be our favorite. It’s an extended light fixture made of pipe, with vintage bulbs. This fixture would certainly be a showpiece for any room, and a great conversation piece since you made it yourself!

This project might take the most skill, as you will need all of the structural and electrical know-how. If you’re capable of swapping out a light fixture, then you should be able to build this light no problem. If you’re not comfortable, consult someone who knows a bit more about wiring.

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