3 must-know plumbing tips for the New Year

It’s a New Year, and we have a New Year’s Resolution to add to your list: Learn these plumbing basics to ensure you are taking care of your home’s system.

1) How to shut off your water
We’re talking about all of it – the toilet, the sink and ESPECIALLY the main water valve. The toilet and sink are the easy ones to find. Look under your sink or toilet, and you’ll see water lines. If ever you need to, just shut those off (remember: righty tighty, lefty loosey). Your main water line for the house will often be in the basement, or potentially your crawl space. If you need help locating yours, give us a call.

2) Monitor what goes down your pipes
We’ve talked about it a lot lately because it’s a growing problem. You should not put any wet wipes, grease, hair or oil down your drains. Grease and oil will solidify in your pipes, and those “flushable” wipes and hair get locked up in the blockage to create a nasty mess. Just trust us on the nasty part, and avoid putting any of this down your drain.

3) Know when to call a professional
You might be surprised to hear how often we get calls from Lexington or Louisville residents in need of an emergency plumber because they tried to fix something themselves. Water is a powerful force, and many home projects take a professional to control it properly. Trying to install a toilet, sink or water heater on your own might seem more cost effective, but many times people have to call a plumber to not only install the equipment, but fix their mistakes, too. You might be surprised to find how affordable a professional installation can be, so give us a call first for a free quote.

Keep these three things in mind going forward this year, and your plumbing will be in good shape for years to come. Remember: We service Lexington and Louisville 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call us or schedule an appointment online.