Now is the time to prepare your house for winter

Christmas decor hits stores in July, holiday shopping seems to run all year, and believe it or not, now is the time to prepare your home for winter. We’ve compiled a handy checklist, and of course, you can always call us if you need help.

1) Once it gets a little colder and you’re no longer using your garden hoses, turn off the water at the inside cut-off valve and disconnect the hoses from the spigots. This prevents freezing, and therefore bursting.

2) Insulate your exposed pipes. This reduces the risk of freezing, but also will save you money on your hot water. An insulated pipe loses less heat. You can pick up the pre-cut pipe foam at any hardware store. Just measure the pipes, cut the foam and fasten it with some duct tape. Don’t worry – if you’re not up to the task, just give us a call.

3) Clean out your gutters. While it’s not a plumbing job, it will help reduce stress from freezing water on your eaves and could potentially save you some serious cash in repairs.

4) Find your main water valve, make sure everyone in your house knows where it is. Do not try and find your shut off after a pipe has already burst. Also keep our phone number near your home phone: (502) 451-2882.