Avoid the Fatberg: Grease and wet wipes will wreak havoc on your plumbing

There has been a spike in drain clogs recently, most of which can be tied to two things going down your pipes that shouldn’t be: wet wipes and grease.

An increasing number of adults are using wet wipes, and despite what the manufacturers are telling you, those things should never be flushed. They do not break down properly, and are wreaking havoc on plumbing systems all across the world. That includes Kentucky, just check out this story recently published in the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Grease has long been a plumbing problem. Dumping grease down your drain – with or without a garbage disposal – is a sure-fire way to clog your pipes. Warm grease is fluid, but as it cools, it firms and is nearly impossible to dislodge without professional help. Never pour your grease down the drain. Instead, pour it into an empty vegetable or soup can, let it cool and solidify, then toss it.

The combination of wet wipes and grease is a plumbing nightmare. The two set up together like concrete in pipes. In London, they recently removed a 15 ton mass of wet wipes and grease (which they dubbed a “Fatberg”). Had the clog gone unnoticed, officials said there could have been sewage blowing out of manhole covers in the streets of London.

Sometimes these items don’t make it to the city’s infrastructure. They can clog up your home’s pipes with your own personal “Fatberg.” The next time you catch yourself about to flush a wet wipe or pour that fat down the drain, think twice and act accordingly. If you suspect you already have a “Fatberg,” call us immediately.