Install the water heater that pays for itself

People decide it’s time to buy a new water heater for all kinds of different reasons. Maybe they’re interested in tankless, or maybe they just need a replacement. No matter your reason for looking for a new water heater, you’ll love one thing about the GE GeoSprings Hybrid Water Heater: it pays for itself.

Really. It does. The electric water heater cuts energy usage by about 60 percent, making it one of the most efficient 50 gallons on the market. Compared to a normal 50 gallon water heater, it saves residents $325 a year on their bills (according to GE). While the tanks are a little pricier than a traditional water heater, your savings are so great that the tank literally pays for itself in about three or four years. In ten years you will save over $3,000 on your bills.

It gets better. There are a number of rebates and tax credits that purchasers can take advantage of to get up to $850 in rebates for their new GE GeoSprings Hybrid Water Heater. To see what rebates you may be eligible for, visit GE's website for the product.

After some simple math, it’s easy to see this one is a hot deal. If you have any questions about plumbers to install your new hot water heater in Louisville or Lexington, give us a call.