Save Water In Your Morning Showers

It’s back to school time in Louisville and Lexington, and that means getting the kids up and on a morning schedule all over again. You may not think about your morning routine and how much water you waste, but if you break it down you might realize that there’s quite a bit. We’ve compiled a list of a few simple things you (and your kids) can do during your morning routine to save water.

Keep A Bucket In Your Shower
When you turn your shower on and wait for the water to get warm, all of the cold water is wasted down the drain. If you keep a bucket in your shower, you can catch this water and use it for other household things, such as watering plants.

Brush Your Teeth In The Shower
If you let the water run while you brush your teeth, a lot of wasted water goes straight down the drain. Try brushing your teeth when you’re in the shower. It helps save you time and water since you’re already in there.

Keep The Shower Going
If you have several small children, it can save you time and water by having them get in the shower right after each other. This eliminates having to let water run to get to the right temperature each time someone takes a shower.

Don’t Shave In The Shower
Some people think shaving in the shower can save water, but it is actually better to do it with a sink that is half-filled with hot water. Just dip your razor in the hot water to rinse it off. This prevents having to have the faucet constantly turned on.

These are just a few simple things you can do to save water when you and your kids are getting ready in the mornings. If you’re looking for a more permanent water saving solution, give Dauenhauer a call and we can discuss installing a more efficient water heater, low flow shower heads and toilets, and more.