Stop A Running Toilet

If you find that your toilet is constantly running, you could be wasting gallons and gallons of water each and every day. You can prevent this from happening and lower your water bill by doing a little bit of investigating and finding and fixing the problem.

Much of the time, the problem is either the float ball, inlet valve, or tank flap inside your toilet. These are the devices in your toilet that regulate how much water is let in and out, and tell the toilet when to stop filling up.

Begin by lifting the lid off of the back of your toilet. Find the float ball (usually a plastic ball that is floating) and inspect it. Is it sitting on the bottom? Is it stuck against something? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, we’ve found the problem. Your float ball should be free to move up and down as the water level rises and lowers in your tank. If it’s stuck against something or not floating, it can’t properly regulate how much water is in the tank. If the toilet doesn’t know how much water is in there, it will continue to run and fill the tank because nothing is telling it to shut off.

If the float ball appears to be working properly, the issue might be with your inlet valve. The inlet valve is the mechanism that controls the water coming into your tank. Occasionally this device can get mineral deposits built up inside of it, which can cause water flow issues for your toilet. If this happens, you simply need to clean out the seal at the top of the inlet valve and remove all mineral deposits. If the seal is deformed or broken, you will need to replace it by purchasing a new one at any home improvement store.

Should the problem not be the float ball or inlet valve, check the tank flap at the bottom of the tank. The tank flap is a piece of rubber that plugs the tank’s drainage hole. When you flush, this flap lifts up and lets the water in the tank drain out. It then goes back into position and plugs the hole to allow the tank to fill up again. If the tank flap doesn’t sit properly, is deformed, or ripped it will not properly seal the hole. When this happens, water leaks out of the tank. Since the water level is going down from the leak, your toilet will run in order to re-fill it. You can easily fix this problem by purchasing a new tank flap at any home improvement store.

If none of these appear to be your problem, or you don’t think you can handle the fix, call Dauenhauer Plumbing and we’ll be glad to inspect your toilet to find and fix the problem.