Prepare For Fall

The temperatures have been dropping in Kentucky, and while we won’t say the "w” word just yet, we do want to give you some tips on how to prepare for the changing leaves and cooler weather. Ignoring your plumbing while the season changes could cause you many costly problems in the future.

With the leaves beginning to fall in Louisville and Lexington, make sure to keep your gutters cleaned out. Not removing debris from your gutters can cause leaks, overflow, or standing water around your home. Should the temperature suddenly drop, that standing water can quickly turn into a dangerous patch of ice that people can slip and fall on.

Just like gutters that can cause standing water, don’t ignore leaks or broken pipes that can create standing water. If you have a dripping outdoor faucet, hose, or sprinkler system, be sure to fix it or shut off the water before the cooler weather sets in. Not only can it cause patches of ice when it’s cold, but the water inside the pipes can freeze and burst the pipe, causing even more damage.

Finally, buy pipe insulators to put around your pipes before the weather gets cold. You should put the insulators on pipes both inside and outside of your home, but especially outside to help reduce the chances of water inside them from freezing. Having insulators on the hot water pipes inside will help you conserve the energy needed to heat the water.

Making sure you are ready for the changing weather is an important step in keeping your home in top shape to avoid plumbing emergencies. Follow these steps to get prepared, and call Dauenhauer any hour if you run into any plumbing problems.