Why Water Pressure Drops

We’ve all been there before. You’re taking a nice, hot shower when suddenly the water pressure drops. You wonder if someone flushed a toilet, or maybe they turned on the washing machine? The answer to what really happened depends on a few factors, which we’ve outlined below.

Single Fixture
If water pressure has only dropped on one specific fixture, such as one shower or one sink, the issue could simply be that another water source was pulling the water away. For example, if the pipes supplying water to your shower are also connected to the washing machine, the water pressure will go down when both are used at the same time. The problem could also be the faucet or shower head being used. Mineral deposits could be built up inside the faucet or shower head, preventing water from flowing through as it should.

Whole House
If your entire house has lost water pressure, there could be a serious and costly issue at hand. There could be corroded piping, a broken pipe, a partially closed valve, low municipal water pressure, or several other possibilities. If the problem is your municipal water supply, there’s probably not much you can do about it. Contact your water supply and have them come test your water pressure. If the problem is your pipes being corroded or broken, your only option will be to replace them, which can unfortunately be a large undertaking. If you’re lucky, the problem will be a partially closed valve that can simply be fully opened up.

Low water pressure can make your everyday activities and chores a hassle. If it’s a single fixture that’s giving you problems, you may be able to fix it on your own. If it’s your whole house or more than just one fixture, call Dauenhauer Plumbing and we’ll come inspect your plumbing to determine the issue and all possible solutions.