Summer Plumbing Problems

Most people associate plumbing problems with winter time. While it’s true that freezing temperatures can expand water in pipes and cause serious problems, summer is hardly free from its share of plumbing issues. 

During the summer, kids are home from school (and bored kids have been known to send some interesting things down the toilet!) Also, people are hitting the beach, pool or just a sprinkler on the lawn. You’re using extra water used whenever you use a sprinkler or fill your pool. Also, between chlorine from pools, lake or river water from the beach, and sweat from being out in the heat, you’re probably taking more showers during the summertime. 

All this extra water use can be a strain on your home’s plumbing system. Many times this excess usage can result in leaky pipes, or wearing out your water heater and other fixtures and appliances. 

If summer fun has put a strain on your home’s plumbing, call Dauenhauer any hour. We’ll send out one of our friendly plumbing techs to lend a hand.