Home Buyer's Plumbing Checklist

Summer time is home buying season! That means two things when it comes to plumbing. First, if your current home plumbing has any problems, even if they’re relatively minor or you’ve gotten used to them, now is the time to get them taken care of! Second, before you make an offer on a different home, it’s important to look for any telltale signs that the house has plumbing issues.

When you’re looking at a prospective new home, ask if it’s on septic or sewer. If the house is on a septic system, walk the yard and look for spongy areas or standing water before you ever go in. If the home has a sewer line that is connected to the municipal sewer system, be certain to obtain a professional to camera inspect the house sewer lines. Find the water heater and check for rust, as well as the date--if it’s over 10 years old, it might need to be replaced soon. In the bathroom, check to make sure the floor around the toilet is solid, and check around the toilet and under the sink for water stains or other signs of leaks. The same thing goes for the kitchen sink; look closely at the faucet for scale and other signs of a persistent drip.

Also, be sure to check all the appliances that have water hookups: the sink disposal, dishwasher and washing machine. Make sure the connections are all in good shape. 

If you need help with your new home’s plumbing, or would like to get some items fixed before putting your own home on the market, call Dauenhauer any hour. We’ll send out one of our friendly plumbing techs to lend a hand.