The Plumbing Headaches of Condo Property Management

People in the Louisville and Lexington Kentucky areas know Dauenhauer for our great reputation as residential plumbers. Did you know we’re also one of the area’s largest commercial plumbing companies as well?

While we offer the same 24 / 7 emergency plumbing services to our commercial customers that we offer our residential customers, a big part of our commercial business in recent years has been preventative maintenance agreements. One industry where preventative maintenance agreements for plumbing makes great business sense is condo property management.

Condo property management has many unique challenges, especially as it relates to the buildings’ plumbing systems. Water leaks in common areas, bathroom backups on shared walls, and other problems can have a property manager’s phone ringing constantly. With a preventive maintenance agreement, not only will those inevitable plumbing problems in a condo be fixed more affordably, but there will be fewer plumbing emergencies because the building’s plumbing system is being regularly and thoroughly checked, maintained and repaired, before a problem becomes an issue.

As with any plumbing problem, condominium property managers and any other commercial customer can call Dauenhauer, at any hour, to deal with a plumbing emergency. We also highly recommend maintenance agreements, so those emergencies are much fewer and farther in between.