Why Quick Service Restaurants Need a Reliable Commercial Plumber

Many of our residential plumbing customers are unaware that Dauenhauer Plumbing is also one of the Louisville and Lexington, KY area’s largest commercial plumbing companies. We provide preventive maintenance contracts to many area businesses, as well as providing the same reliable, 24 / 7 emergency plumbing services to our residential customers.

One industry that often needs commercial plumbing services is the fast food restaurant business, more formally known as Quick Service Restaurants. When it comes to plumbing, Quick Service Restaurants are prone to the following problems:
  • Drain back up
  • Grease/sludge back up
  • Pipe leaks in 3 compartment sinks
  • Hot water failures

Because they are constantly running water, either for food prep, clean up or other systems, the plumbing systems of Quick Service Restaurants are usually under a tremendous strain. That’s one of the reasons a preventive maintenance agreement for plumbing makes so much sense for Quick Service Restaurants. When your plumbing is down, your business goes down. Even a brief down time can cost a QSR a lot of lost business.

As with any plumbing problem, QSRs and any commercial customer can call Dauenhauer, at any hour, to deal with a plumbing emergency. We also highly recommend maintenance agreements, so those emergencies are much fewer and farther in between.