Why is my basement wet?

Springtime is upon us, Kentuckiana! While the recent storms have made many of us grateful to have a basement as a storm shelter, the heavy rain that accompanies them may have created some wet basement problems.

Wet basements can be a big problem for a homeowner, damaging your drywall, destroying your carpet, and ruining your furniture. It can also lead to mold very quickly--which can be dangerous if you or your kids suffer from allergies or asthma. If you’ve got a wet basement, the first step to getting it taken care of is figuring out what caused the problem.

The most common causes of wet basements are:
  • Surface water entering through your foundation walls.
  • Hydrostatic pressure forcing groundwater in water-saturated soil into your basement
  • Storm sewer water from your municipal storm sewer backing up into your drain and leaking into the basement.
  • Sanitary sewer backups running into your basement through sink or floor drains.
  • Malfunctioning sump pump.
  • Loss of power to sump pump.

If you can’t tell for sure what’s causing the water to enter your basement, it may be time to call Dauenhauer, at any hour. And if you can tell that the problem is related to your plumbing or sewer lines, definitely give us a call. You might even be eligible for MSD’s Basement Backflow program, which could solve the problem at no cost to you. Either way, a flooded basement isn’t something you want to put off taking care of.