How Homebuilders Find a Great New Construction Plumber

If you’re one of the many Kentucky residents planning on building their new home this year, you may be wondering about who will handle plumbing for the new construction. It may surprise you to know that sometimes, plumbing companies that offer repair plumbing don’t do new construction work. Typically, your homebuilder or general contractor will have a strong preference for which plumbing company he or she would rather work with. Ultimately it’s your decision, but it’s smart to listen to what your homebuilder or GC has to say. In case you’re curious, here’s a list of what homebuilders and general contractors look for in a new construction plumbing subcontractor.
  • Excellent reputation. A quality general contractor knows that his reputation is tied to that of the subcontractors he uses. Smart GCs usually will only work with plumbing subcontractors whose reputation meets or exceeds their own.
  • Experience specific to new construction. Homebuilders also know that there’s a big difference between plumbing installation and plumbing repair work, just as there’s a big difference between  a small remodeling project and a whole new home construction. He or she will look for a plumber with new construction experience.
  • Timeliness. The plumbing subcontractor is just one of many subs working on your home, including the general contractor’s own crew. They need to be sure that the plumbing contractor can do the work right and on schedule, so that there aren’t delays for other crews waiting for the plumbers to finish.
  • Quality of work.  A smart homebuilder knows that he’s going to be held accountable for the quality of work for all his subs, including plumbing. Poorly done plumbing can create a huge problem in an otherwise smooth project.
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