Finding the right water heater size for your new home construction

One of the trickiest questions our customers in Louisville, Kentucky and the Lexington area ask us when it comes to new home construction plumbing is "what size water heater will I need for my new home?”

When you’re replacing an existing water heater, you don’t have to guess what size is the right size. Unless the old water heater wasn’t adequately keeping up with capacity, you’ll just replace it with another of the same size. When you’re building a new home, it’s a whole other ball game. Fortunately, it’s not a question you’ll have to wrestle with yourself. Your general contractor and your plumbing subcontractor will most likely make the call on what size water heater your new home will need. They’ll make that decision based on the square footage of your home, how it’s laid, the number and placement of the bathrooms, kitchen and other plumbing fixtures, and your particular family size and needs.

Expect lots of questions from your contractor and plumber about your typical hot water usage, and how you expect that might change in your new home. Quality contractors and plumbers are very good at estimating the right size water heater for a new home construction project. Your main decision when it comes to the water heater (or water heaters, if your new home is particularly large) will be whether you choose a gas or electric unit, or if you want to try a tankless unit. If you have any questions about their decision, a good contractor or plumber will be happy to talk you through the decision process.

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