“Service Plumber” or “New Construction Plumber”: Is there a difference?

If you’re planning a new home construction project, you may be wondering if the same plumber you’ve used to handle plumbing repairs at your current home can also handle the plumbing work in your new home. The answer is, "it depends on the plumber.”

Among licensed plumbing companies, there are typically two different categories. "Service plumbers,” also known as "emergency plumbers,” specialize in repair of existing plumbing systems. They’re great at coming out, assessing the situation, and quickly getting it repaired. "New construction plumbers” also known as "plumbing subcontractors” specialize in design, installation of plumbing system in new construction projects. They are great at working with a general contractor, a draftsman or architect, and the other trades, jumping in at the appropriate parts of the project to handle that phase of plumbing and keeping the project moving along smoothly.   

However, just because a plumbing company can specialize, that doesn’t mean they have to specialize. Or that every plumbing technician that works for the company has the same strengths and weaknesses.

At Dauenhauer Plumbing, we have dedicated crews of technicians for both service/emergency plumbing, and new construction plumbing. We even have crews that only do MSD projects. If you’ve got a new construction plumbing job, we’ve got the right crew to handle it.

Don’t trust your new home’s plumbing to just any plumbing contractor! When it comes to new home construction projects, call Dauenhauer, at any hour. We have the new construction plumbing installation experience to do the job right.