Finding a Leak in Your Shower or Tub

A leak in your shower or tub can be particularly exasperating for homeowners. Because of the weight of a typical tub, having a leak can be a big cause for concern, since water damage to your floor and subfloor can quickly escalate the situation into a major problem--especially in the case of an upstairs bathroom.

Showers and tubs are fairly simple construction, so there are only a certain number of possibilities for where the problem could be. If you’ve eliminated the possibility that your shower or tub leak is simply your kids splashing around a little too enthusiastically during bath time, you’ll need to methodically rule out the possibilities till you find the leak. Possible sources of the leak include:
  • The surround, especially where the tile or surround meets the tub or shower floor.
  • The tub, shower drain or overflow.
  • The wall valve.
  • The plumbing connections in the walls.
  • The shower head or tub faucet.
If you don’t successfully find the leak by checking these potential sources, or if you’d rather have an experienced professional tackle the job, just call Dauenhauer, at any hour. We’ll send out a licensed plumbing technician to play detective, find the source of the leak, and get your bath or shower leak-free in no time!