Winterizing your home before a holiday vacation.

All December long, we’ve been focusing on winterizing your home’s plumbing system. We started with winterizing your outdoor faucet, then moved on to your interior pipes and fixtures. Now it’s time to talk about what to do to protect your pipes when you are going to be headed out of town for the holidays.

An extended holiday trip can mean extra risk for your pipes. Take care before you leave by following these tips:
  • Shut water off at main source
  • Have someone check on your house each day
  • Do not set your thermostat lower than 55 degrees
We hope you have a safe and happy holiday, wherever your travels take you. However, if you should happen to come home to an unfortunate plumbing problem, call Dauenhauer, any hour. We’ll send out one of our friendly techs to get things back to normal. Or as normal as your home ever gets during the holidays.