Winterizing your indoor fixtures

Baby it’s cold outside! But the cold weather doesn’t have to mean a plumbing emergency. Earlier this month, we told you how to start winterizing your plumbing by tackling your outdoor faucets. Now we’re moving indoors and dealing with your interior pipes and fixtures.

Here are some tips for winterizing your indoor plumbing fixtures:
  • Open cabinet doors to plumbing for kitchen sink or bathroom sink
  • Use ‘armour flex insulation’ purchased from local home improvement store for exposed piping (along an exterior wall)
  • For crawl space exterior wall vents block off with card board
  • Do not heat house with an open oven
  • Turn on all faucets to a steady drip for hot and cold water when it is 32 degrees and below
We hope you’ve found these tips helpful, but if you want professional help making sure your home is properly winterized, just call Dauenhauer, any hour. One of our friendly, professional plumbing techs will come straight out and show you how to keep your pipes toasty and warm.