What Size Water Heater Do You Need?

We hope this doesn’t happen to any of our Louisville or Lexington plumbing customers, but it always seems like if your water heater is going to give out on you, it will do it right around the holidays. Usually, right before your house guests arrive.

While dealing with a holiday water heater replacement is a hassle, it’s also a good opportunity to think about what size water heater you really need. Many people find that their existing water heater is not capable of keeping up with their demand. While running out of hot water can be an annoyance, it’s usually not a big enough issue that people will go ahead and look into a larger unit.

Unfortunately, frequently running your water heater completely out can be one factor that leads to it wearing out and failing, just as those holiday guests arrive.

It’s important to make sure that you have the right capacity for your needs. Homeowners assume that the water heater is sized properly for their house. Unfortunately, you don’t base water heater capacity on square footage. It’s important to consider how many people live in your home, and your individual hot water usage. A "typical” three bedroom home might house an empty nest couple, a family of four, or a family of six with two kids per bedroom. The hot water usage for those three scenarios would be wildly different.  

Additionally, many older homes have new appliances like dishwashers, soaking tubs, or whirlpools, which use a lot of hot water and whose capacity wasn’t considered when the last water heater was installed.

There are a number of calculators available to help you determine the proper capacity for your water heater. However, an experienced plumber knows what questions to ask to make sure you get the right size for your needs. Call Dauenhauer, any hour, if your water heater breaks down or even if you find that your working water heater just isn’t keeping up with demand. We’ll help you find the right size for your needs and budget.