Thinking about MSD? We’ll fix it mess-free!

We wonder why homeowners are sometimes hesitant to call us to fix improper connections to their sanitary sewer lines as part of the MSD Plumbing Modifications program. It could be because they are concerned with having a big mess and a disrupted schedule for several days.

Even though MSD offers the program as a no-cost solution to improper connections that can cause basement backflow, we understand that sometimes plumbing repairs can be disruptive to your household. However, at Dauenhauer Plumbing, we strive to be as respectful of your home and your time as possible.

Unlike many plumbers, our licensed plumbing technicians always take special care to keep the mess to a minimum. Our technicians always wear shoe covers in your home, and will always thoroughly clear away any debris created by the project. In addition to being skilled plumbers, we are the best at cleanup you will find in the Louisville area.

Also, our expedited process and dedicated staff for MSD projects means the project will be completed faster--meaning less disruption to your schedule and lifestyle.

Don’t worry about the mess involved with getting those improper connections fixed. Worry about the mess you or a neighbor may have to deal with if a basement backflow situation causes flooding in your basement! Call Dauenhauer, at any hour. Our tidy techs will be out right away to get started.