The Dauenhauer Difference in MSD Plumbing Projects

We frequently get calls from homeowners who experience basement backflow problems, particularly after heavy rains, who are interested in participating in MSD’s Plumbing Modifications program.  In fact, we do so many projects as part of this no-cost program, that we have a dedicated workforce that focuses exclusively on MSD projects.

When you call Dauenhauer to take a look at your basement backflow problem, we send out either Ted or Joey to do an assessment. If we’re selected as your plumbing contractor for the project, Ben, Eddie or Frank will come out and complete the work to a satisfactory inspection.

Because we do so many of these projects, our process is more efficient compared to many of our competitors. We complete work that must be inspected first. The scheduled inspector comes in while we’re working on non-coded work such as sump pump installation. Our competitors complete all the work, and then schedule the inspection, which can mean a lot of sitting around waiting for the inspector.

Typically, we complete these MSD projects in 1-2 days, as compared to competitors who take 2-3 days. We also offer no waiting to schedule service for MSD projects, thanks to our dedicated resources.

If you want to get your basement backflow problem taken care of quickly and efficiently, call Dauenhauer, any hour. We’ll get started right away.