Pipe lining versus tunneling

As a homeowner, when a sewer pipe breaks, the obvious solution is to dig it up and repair it. Makes complete sense. In fact, for a long time this was the one and only option for repair even though this approach comes also comes with so many risks. But now that we’re armed with more innovative technology, you have choices on how you approach sewer pipe repair. Let’s chat about both.

What is tunneling?
Tunneling is very much what it sounds like. It involves digging a hole or tunnel under the area in need of repair. To make matters a little more complicated, the tunnel must be large enough to have a person crawl through to reach the sewer pipes, where they would either need to repair the cracked or broken pipe or replace the damaged pipe with a new one. Unfortunately, when you create a hollow space under an existing building, it weakens the foundation of the construction and threatens the structural integrity of the entire building. There is a high risk that the loose soil could cause the structure to collapse. Not to mention, the person doing the repairs is also put at risk pretty much every step of the way.

Now, let’s talk pipe lining.
Unlike tunneling, where a lot of digging is involved, in the pipe lining process a robotic device with a camera is sent down the length of the sewer pipe. As the device moves down the length of the pipe, it cleans and de-scales the inner diameter of the pipe. While this is happening, experts are keeping tabs through the camera to check the integrity of the pipe. Once the device reaches the area where the pipe is cracked, a special liner is placed at the spot to cover all the cracks and the bladder is inflated and it is left to cure. When it is completely cured, the bladder is removed and what gets left behind is a brand new structural pipe that replaces the cracked sewer pipes.

The verdict.
The most notable advantage with pipe lining is the obvious absence of risk, both to workers and to the pipe itself. When you take this into consideration with the less intrusive nature of the pipe lining process and the life expectancy of the repair, it makes the decision easy.

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