The Interesting Truth about Pipe Lining

When hearing that your pipes need repair, it’s easy to let your imagination go absolutely bonkers. Images of torn up yards, bulldozers and sledgehammers may come to mind, and until recently, not far from the truth. Today, there’s something called pipe lining services. Instead of having to dig a trench (torn up yards), you can do something much less invasive.

How Pipe Lining Works

What is this? Sorcery? How can you repair pipes without digging up the yard to get to them? It’s not magic, but it is very cool. While the trenchless technology used for professional pipe lining is often called “no-dig” technology, this isn’t exactly right. A little digging will take place where the pipe connects to your home’s drain lines. This way, hydraulic equipment can move inside of the pipes.

Sometimes, two holes are required: one where the piping meets your home and one where it meets the city sewer main at the edge of your property. The hydraulic equipment is used to push a new pipe lining through the old broken piping. The pipe lining is coated with an adhesive, and is carefully inflated once it is put into place. Then, it seals to the old pipe lining and it’s given time to dry before the plumbers reassemble the piping.

Imagine a smooth, new PVC pipe (known as liner tube) being installed literally within the existing damaged pipe. Between the new pipe and the old pipe is a slight separation filled in by a watertight secured seal (known as epoxy).

Pipe lining materials are applied with minimal disruption to your property. The liner is continuous and smooth with no seams or joints. Pipe liners are installed much faster with minimum inconvenience and disruption compared to excavation. The pipe liner also eliminates serious environmental and landscape damage. There is no damage to your trees or landscape.

Strong And Secure

The lining inside of your pipes will be durable and effective, lasting decades in most cases. As long as there isn’t significant damage to the inside of the pipes, it should seal well and stay in place for a long time to come.

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