The Benefits of a Camera Inspection

It’s a moment that goes in slow motion. You’re washing up after dishes, and that last bit of dish soap is just enough to make your ring slip off your finger. It circles the drain, and then it’s gone. Fortunately with today’s technology, your ring is not forgotten. In fact, a drain camera can not only help you find your ring, it may find a clog, too. These are just a couple of the benefits a camera inspection can offer.

Catch Problems Way in Advance

Once a pipe breaks, there’s no going back. It’s always better to be proactive when it comes to plumbing. So, if you have reason to suspect that something might be wrong with your pipes, schedule a camera inspection to double-check.

No More Guesswork

A video camera eliminates any uncertainty and allows us to get straight to the problem, which saves you time and money -- and it will also mean a heck of a lot less digging. In addition to sourcing clogs, the camera-inspection method can be used to inspect the rest of your sewer line. If a tree root has broken into your pipe, if there are any slow leaks in your pipe, or if there’s rust, the camera can be used to detect the issue before it becomes a serious problem.

Anywhere, Anytime

In the past, finding a clog in a sewer line could turn into a costly headache. If the clog turned out to be under concrete, or your home’s foundation, simply getting access to the line was an ordeal. The camera inspection method has changed all that. Now, a plumber can simply use this waterproof camera to track down the clog, no matter how far or how deep it might be located.

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