3 signs you need your drain cleaned

A drain tends to give you some warning signs when it needs to be cleaned. You can consider it a cry for help. You don’t have to wait till the very last moment for a drain to stop working before you call your local Dauenhauer. Here are some of the most common symptoms of a drain that needs a little extra attention.

Slow Draining

Do you notice that water drains more slowly than usual? Monitor your washing machine, your kitchen drains and your shower to see if the drainage seems extra sluggish. If so, you likely have a buildup in the pipe.

Standing Water

This should be a pretty obvious sign. If no water is draining and you’re left with about an inch of standing water, you have an issue. Give us a call and we’ll clear that drain out for you.

Strange Noises

If a drain is clogged, it tends to affect everything. So much so, the water running through the surrounding pipes will not behave as it should. Instead, the water will have to change course or push itself through small spaces. If you hear gurgling or bubbling sounds when you flush the toilet or turn on the sink, for example, you likely have a draining issue.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are a nuisance that seem to come out of nowhere. They’re also a potential sign of a plumbing issue. If you see a sudden increase in the number of fruit flies in your home, they are likely attracted by the food waste building up in your drain. A good drain cleaning can likely take care of the problem.

Odd Smell

If your drains are functioning improperly, then sewage and waste can build up in the pipes. Especially in the hotter months, this waste can fester in the pipes, sending a strong odor into the adjacent rooms. Think you smell something like gas? Give us a call immediately.

Think it’s time you had your drain cleaned? We’re here to help. Just call your Louisville Dauenhauer, any hour.