When’s the right time to call an expert?

After watching so many DIY projects TV shows and online tutorial videos, it was only a matter of time before homeowners took matters into their own hands. When done successfully and safely, fixing something on your own is great for your wallet and your confidence. But when things don’t work out as planned – ouch. Instead of wondering if you should fly solo on that next plumbing project, here’s a list of projects that are almost always better left to the professionals.

Water Heater Installation

Installing a water heater is more complex than you may think. For starters, doing this by yourself may instantly void your warranty. Then there are those pesky codes that must be met to insure proper installation and avoid future problems. Just skip this one.

Gas Line Work

This is very dangerous. To you. Your family. Your pets. Your neighbors. Your home. Your neighbor’s home. Your pet’s home. Get the picture? Gas line work should never be performed or attempted by anyone other than an expert plumber who is licensed and trained for your safety and protection.

Tub Fixture Installation

We know what you’re thinking. Installing that sink faucet was a piece of cake -- this should be the same, right? Nope. In this case, the water shut off valve is not readily accessible like the ones located under the sink or next to the toilet. You have to go into the wall. If this isn’t done right, well, you’re opening up a wall. A lot can go wrong. Just call Dauenhauer.

Poor Water Flow

Poor or inconsistent water pressure can be a really annoying issue. Where this can be a larger problem is trying to diagnose the issue and seeing if it’s a symptom of something much larger. A professional can do this much faster, better, and potentially cheaper than taking this on yourself.

Toilet Plunger Failure

Other than burst pipes, there’s nothing quite so urgent as a toilet clog a plunger can’t clear. The problem could be a sewage line. Rather than scratch the porcelain or do other damage by trying to break the clog up yourself, call in an expert with the tools and expertise to get your toilet working again.

Have any other questions about potential DIY projects? Send them our way. And as always, if you have any plumbing questions, call your Louisville Dauenhauer, any hour.