It might be time to upgrade your fixtures.

Getting that itch to make some upgrades around the house? Fantastic. Just make sure to not
overlook that one room that rarely gets any extra attention: the bathroom. When you think
about it, we spend a good chunk of time in the bathroom (some more than others). And
when it comes to bathroom upgrades, a little goes a long, long way.

If you’ve been on the fence about making changes to your bathroom, we have a tip that may
give you that little extra push. Ask yourself if you’ve noticed any of these four signs. If you
have, then it’s probably time to take the plunge.

Cracked Porcelain
Toilets are pretty resilient. With proper maintenance they just might outlive your home!
However, there is nothing that you can do if you crack the porcelain. In this case your toilet
is completely compromised and you just need to replace it.
Leaking Faucets
It’s true that in many cases a leaky faucet can be fixed. But considering it really doesn’t cost
that much more to replace the whole thing, many choose to make an upgrade.
Toilet Upgrade
With water costs rising, upgrading a conventional toilet to a dual flush toilet becomes an
appealing changeover. And sometimes upgrading is necessary for purely aesthetic reasons,
such as remodeling.
Worn Shower Hoses
Your shower gets used almost every day. That’s a lot of wear and tear for the shower hose.
After extended use, the hose may rupture and will need to be replaced. In many cases, that
will mean you’ll need to replace the entire shower system, except for the wall mounted
components. Why not upgrade?

Have a question about how you can upgrade your fixtures? No problem. Just call your local
Louisville Dauenhauer, any hour.