What should you do if you see rusty water?

There you are. Toothbrush in hand, about to turn on the faucet. Then, instead of crystal
clear water pouring over the bristles, its rusty brown grossness. Sound familiar? Then this
blog is just for you.

There could be a number of reasons your faucet is delivering nothing but liquid rust. For
starters, it could be as simple as your faucet hasn’t been used for a few weeks. When this
happens, dirt collects in the pipes, which is then flushed away after you let the water run for
a little bit.

But lets say the rust color doesn’t go away. What then? Well, this could potentially be a
symptom of a larger issue. But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s look at the symptoms.

Only the hot water is rusty?
In this case you probably have a rusting water heater. There really isn’t much you can do in
this case, which probably means that it must be replaced. Once corrosion sets in on the
interior of the tank, there’s nothing that can be done to fix the problem that isn’t more
expensive than getting a new water heater altogether.

Rusty coloration isn’t going away?
We’re likely looking at corrosion in the pipes. Many times this happens in homes with older
galvanized steel or iron pipes. These pipes are prone to rusting over time, unlike corrosion-
resistant copper and plastic. You can give Dauenhauer a call, and we can identify where you
need new pipes, or if you need full re-piping for your house.

Can rusty water do damage to your home?
So you have rusty water. But now you’re wondering what will it hurt? Well, depending on
the severity of the problem, rusty water can stain your home’s porcelain plumbing fixtures,
like toilets, sinks and bathtubs. And of course try to keep that rusty water away from your
white linens. They’ll stain, too.

Are you having an issue with rusty water? We can help. Just call your Lexington Dauenhauer,

any hour.