Do You Need a Preventive Maintenance Agreement for Plumbing?

If you’re in commercial real estate, you’re probably aware that unexpected facilities repairs can be a huge drain on your profitability. Aside from the cost of the repair itself, which can be a considerable expense, there are several other ways that unexpected plumbing repairs in your commercial building can cost you money.

If your commercial building houses retail business, then plumbing problems can cost you or your tenants sales if the issue is serious enough. This is why many commercial real estate owners and developers choose to set up a preventive maintenance agreement for plumbing.

With a preventive maintenance agreement in place, our licensed commercial plumbing technicians will come to your facility on a regular basis and ensure that your building’s plumbing system is in proper working order. You’ll be protected from unexpected plumbing problems. Fewer leaks and issues will arise, because your pipes and fixtures are being checked and maintained on a regular basis. And even if something does come up, if you’re under a preventive maintenance agreement, repairs will likely be covered by your contract.

A preventive maintenance agreement is a great way to take some of the unpleasant surprises out of owning or maintaining a commercial building.