Scary plumbing problems you want to avoid

It starts out with a sudden bump in the night. Then, the foundation may shift. Wait, did you hear that? Our homes have plenty of ways to scare us. Fortunately, not all of these sounds are coming from an angry spirit. Sometimes it’s just the plumbing. We’ll help you figure out if your home is haunted, or just needs a helping hand from your Dauenhauer plumber. 

The Scary Gurgle
Have you ever flushed the toilet, then heard a gurgle coming from your sink afterwards? It’s probably not from a monster lurking in your sewer. It’s actually because your sink may not be properly vented. 

The Ghostly Trickle 
While it may sound like a ghost is washing their hands, the truth is a little less creepy. You probably have a water leak. If you don’t see water or stains anywhere and you don’t see a leaky faucet, you may have a water leak inside a pipe or plumbing fixture.

The Creepy Banging 
Let’s face it – a loud bang coming from your pipes will scare anyone. While Creepy Banging is an appropriate name for this phenomenon, it’s most commonly referred to as water hammer, the result of a sudden change in water pressure when a tap is abruptly shut off. What happens is a surge of pressure is sent slamming into the tap or valve. And if the pipes are loose they’ll bang into the walls, which can eventually cause more damage and lead to a scary plumbing problem. 

The Squealing Pipe
If the banging wasn’t scary enough, there are instances where your pipes may also make a high-pitched squeal. For those keeping track of the technical terms, squealing pipes are referred to as cavitation, which is when water from a large pipe flows into a smaller pipe and the difference in circumference results in a squealing sound from the pressure. 

If you have any other questions about potentially scary plumbing issues, call your Lexington Dauenhauer, any hour.