What fall means for your plumbing

The temperature is (finally) getting cooler and the leaves are starting to pile up. Fall is here. So now is the time to get your plumbing ready for the colder months ahead. Trust us, it’s never a good idea to winterize your plumbing in the middle of winter. We’ve compiled a short list of things you can do to make the transition to winter much more smooth.

Check those pipes
Take some time to inspect your pipes to see if they’re sufficiently insulated. The ones you really want to look out for are the pipes that aren’t in a heated area, like the garage or shed. Quick tip: if a sudden freeze does happen to occur, you can always turn to duct tape. It’s a handy, temporary fix when you find yourself in need. 

Clean up
No one likes to do it, but it’s time to get rid of those leaves and debris from your gutters and drains. If you’re feeling extra productive, you can reduce the amount of fall foliage that ends up in your gutters by using a hose to clean the dirt and debris from your gutters and drains. This will help avoid a plumbing backup during the wetter winter months.

Pack up
Another side effect from cooler weather is less yard work. Pretty soon you’ll find yourself mowing less as the grass goes dormant. And since you won’t be using your sprinklers, it’s time to prep them for the winter months. Lastly, don’t forget to empty and store those water hoses. 

Check for leaks
A leaky pipe may start out as a minor annoyance, but a deep winter freeze can turn that small leak into a blowout. Take some to time to check your pipes for leaks, then have a professional plumber make repairs before the cold hits. 

By taking preventative measures now, you are more likely to get through the winter with plenty of water running smoothly.

Have any fall tips you’d like to share? Have any questions about the upcoming winter? Just call your Louisville Dauenhauer, any hour.