Why you might not be able to participate in MSD’s SSLR program

We’ve been talking quite a bit lately about MSD’s plumbing programs. While we’ve talked about why you might want to volunteer for their Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement program, there are a few situations where you might not be able to participate and receive 0% financing on getting your old, fragile sewer lines replaced.

Reasons You Might Be Ineligible:
  • You live in an apartment or duplex. Tenants in a multi-family dwelling cannot apply. However, the landlord can apply as a business.
  • You only want to replace part of your sewer lines. The program is for full replacement projects only.
  • You’re behind on your sewer bill. You can’t sign up if you have any delinquencies on your MSD bill.
Because clay sewer pipes are relatively fragile and prone to breakage and root intrusion, it’s definitely in your best interests to get them replaced. If you don’t have one of these prohibitions right now, we recommend that you contact us soon to find out if you could benefit.

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