Why is my second floor hotter?

You can feel it in the air. As you slowly start climbing those steps, it just feels heavier. Warmer. Frustratingly hot. This is a common problem for many people who have two-story houses. What makes it more annoying is the fact that in many homes the bedrooms are on the upper levels. Ever try sleeping in a hot room? Not fun. 

The simple truth is that warm air rises. It’s a fact of nature: warm air rises above cool air. So at any given time in your home, your upper levels likely contain more warm air than the lower levels because warm air tends to gravitate up toward them. 

But there could be a few other reasons why your second floor is unusually hot.

Attic Neighbors
This could be a case of just having bad neighbors. Attics are almost always the hottest room in the house. Which means the warmest rooms in your home are the ones that share a ceiling with your attic. It makes sense when you think about it. As the sun is shining during the day, its rays beam down directly onto your roof. Heat from those rays flows into your attic, which is often an unconditioned part of your home. This means rooms that share a border with the attic often suffer the consequences. The best way to solve this problem is to improve your attic’s insulation levels so that heat does not infiltrate the conditioned parts of your home.
Air Mishandling
Air conditioners are typically found on the lower levels of a home. That means that upstairs rooms are often located far away from your system’s air handler. When your air conditioner is working properly, this shouldn’t be an issue. However, if something is hindering your air handler’s performance, it can limit the amount of cool air that is able to make it upstairs. You can avoid this problem by changing your filter and scheduling annual tune-ups to have your system cleaned.
A Solution 
Dauenhauer can help even out those fluctuating home temperatures. It’s called a zoning system. With a zoning system, you can put a separate thermostat upstairs that operates independently from the lower levels. We believe this is the most effective way to combat the rise of warm air in your home and can also address comfort issues in rooms that have historically been impossible to keep cool.

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