The dirty truth about disposable wipes.

Disposable wipes have enjoyed a newfound surge in the marketplace. And surprisingly enough, it’s among adults.

As we all know, disposable wipes were intended to be a convenience for cleaning up a child after a mess. What made them so popular was the fact they were already wet and made the cleaning process easier. But they proved to be even more versatile – being great for cleaning a child’s hands, getting makeup off the face, cleaning adult hands and more. It’s understandable for all the uses that you can get out of wet wipes, who wouldn’t want to use them?

As it turns out, where disposable wipes get a little messy is in the name itself. Are they really disposable? The name implies that they should be able to be flushed down the toilet. But many families have discovered that flushing wipes have caused many clogs, and the problem is only getting worse.

Anything that is flushed down a toilet has to go through a sewage system, and if the wipes get stuck partway down, anything else that passes through can get stuck to it. What typically will happen is this: the wipes will go down the toilet, go through the pipes and somewhere along the way will get stuck. Eventually, more will get stuck, creating a ball, which then creates the clog and a big mess.

In certain cases, the problem can be snaked out. In others, it’s likely that septic work will have to be done. You see, the problem isn’t the wet wipes alone. It’s the grease, hair, toothpaste and even food that attaches to the wipes. The larger the clog, the harder it is to remove, and ultimately more costly to clear out.

The best choice is to look for wipes that have been proven to be quickly biodegradable and flushable. Actually, an even wiser choice is to not flush them at all.

But if you do experience a clog, and you know that you use wipes every day and flush them, call Dauenhauer. It could be a bigger mess than you realize.

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