Plumbing Myths

As long as there has been plumbing, there have been myths passed around involving it. And while some are pretty entertaining, we felt it was time to dispel a few of them. Here are some favorites we’ve been hearing over the years.

Myth: Tightening a leak will fix it
It’s been said that the more you tighten a leak, the more fixed the problem. This could not be more false. Over tightening plumbing parts can strip the threads, worsening the leak and potentially causing the fixture to break completely.

Myth: Sure, you can flush that
It’s been brought to our attention that some think a toilet also works great as a garbage can. No. Absolutely not. Even though it may be tempting, restrain from flushing anything down your toilet other than toilet paper and human waste.

Myth: Running water will help your disposal
We’re not sure why people are compelled to turn on the water while running their disposal.
The truth is, running water while using your disposal simply wastes water while also failing to help waste move along. Instead, try filling your sink with a little bit of water then turning on your disposal. You’ll get the desired effect without the waste.

Myth: Throwing ice cubes down a disposal sharpens the blades
Here’s another disposal myth. Apparently grinding up ice cubes in cold water will sharpen a disposal’s blades. Well, that’s not really how garbage disposals work. But the ice idea is still a decent one. While it won’t sharpen the blades, throwing ice onto your shredder ring is a good way to clear away food residue, rust, or other debris.

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