Top reasons to have your drains professionally cleaned

Many of us take pride in being a DIY homeowner. It’s nice knowing we can count on ourselves to fix things, save money and just being overall handy. But sometimes, it does make sense to call in the professionals. Especially when it comes to plumbing. Here are a few reasons why the next time you want to tackle an issue yourself, it might be better to leave it to the pros.


Store bought drain cleaning products can not only cause major plumbing problems, but there’s always the risk of injuring yourself or others. You see, many of these cleaners contain a vast majority of corrosive chemicals – that’s why they do/can work. Yes, these chemicals will eat through whatever is clogging the pipe – but eventually the pipe itself. Just keep that in mind if you continually turn to drain cleaning products.


This just comes down to maintenance. If you turn to a professional to clean your drains and pipes on a regular basis, your plumbing system is guaranteed to last longer. Wait there’s more! By using a professional (Like Dauenhauer) regularly, you’ll also reduce the chance you’ll encounter future plumbing emergencies. Save time, save money – call a professional.


You know what happens when you call professionals? You get professionals. You’re dealing with people who do this stuff for a living. They have experience, training and the equipment necessary to handle the most complex drainage issues. Plus, this isn’t their first rodeo – whatever issues your drain has, they’ve seen it before.

If you have any other questions about professional drain cleaning, call your local Louisville Dauenhauer, any hour, for all your plumbing needs.