Is Your Home Eligible for one of the MSD’s Sewer Programs?

Many of our Louisville plumbing customers are unaware that they’re eligible for two different programs that can help you update your plumbing and sewer lines, either with 0% financing or completely paid for by MSD.

The first program is the Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement program. Louisville is an old, historic city. The upside of that is beautiful older neighborhoods like the Highlands and Old Louisville, that feature architecturally-interesting homes. Unfortunately, the downside of an older city like Louisville is that some of the sewer lines in these historic neighborhoods are old, outdated clay pipes that are vulnerable to cracking, separating, root intrusion, and other issues that can cause leaks. Additionally, these old sewer lines don’t always connect to modern piping well.

MSD understands that homeowners living in older homes often have a long laundry list of updates and improvements they’re working on, and sewer line updates often fall at the bottom of that list. So through the Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement program, they offer 0% financing to homeowners who go ahead and replace their old sewer pipes with modern lines.

We’ll be writing a few other articles in the upcoming month to give you more information about the Sanitary Sewer Line Replacement Program, as well as MSD’s other program, the Plumbing Modifications Program, that can help if you experience basement drainage and backflow problems in an older home.

Stay tuned for more helpful information! If you’re curious as to whether any of MSD’s homeowner programs could solve your plumbing problems, you can contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you figure that out.