How to get your plumbing ready for summer

Summer is here. Which of course means warmer weather. Which also means more water usage. More dishes for barbeques. More showers for yard work. More clothes for swimming, yard work, etc. You get the picture. So while you may already be in summer mode, let’s make sure your plumbing is ready for the plunge.

Respect the drain
From backyard barbecues to pool parties; it’s important you’re mindful of your home’s plumbing when entertaining. Don’t put anything down the drain that doesn’t belong. From trash to food waste, ensure you throw those chicken bones in the trash.

Get Ready for Vacation
Going out of town? Have fun! But before you leave, consider turning the water heater down. It will help you to save energy and it can help remind you to inspect your water heater. Keep in mind that water heaters last about 10 years. Do your part so yours is in optimum condition.

Beware Tree Roots
During the warmer month, water tends to be scarcer. Drier conditions tend to increase the risk for issues with sewer line obstructions. Tree roots thrive in the pipes because of the access to moisture. However, these tree roots cause blockages. Keep any eye out for any signs of damage.

Get Your Sewer Line Inspected
Another part of your home’s plumbing that gets a workout during the summer is the sewer line. It is quite common for older sewer lines to experience backups during the summer. The tiny cracks in the sewer line are an invitation for rainwater drainage to come inside. To prevent this from happening, call Dauenhauer to inspect your sewer line before summer arrives.

Sprinkler System Check
Make sure you’re not wasting water when you water your lawn. Keep an eye out on your sprinklers to make sure there are no leaks, they’re pointed in the right way and they’re turning off when they’re supposed to. You can also call Dauenhauer to inspect your sprinkler system if you have any questions.

Wondering how else you can get your home ready for summer? Just call your local Louisville Dauenhauer, any hour.