Winterize Your Pipes (Before It Gets Really Cold)

Summer is over, school has started, and your kids are already starting to beg you for this year’s Halloween costume. Guess what? It’s time to winterize your home.

I know you may be thinking "But it’s only September!” but be honest. Are you going to feel any more like crawling under your house to wrap your pipes in October or November?

September is actually the ideal time to take care of this chore.

Turn the water supply to your outside hose faucets off and open the faucet so they can fully drain to prevent frozen pipes to these fixtures.

In addition to decreasing the odds that you’ll have to call Dauenhauer out to fix your frozen, busted pipes this winter, insulating them means you’ll pay less for hot water because you’ll lose less heat while the water is flowing from the water heater to the plumbing fixtures and appliances. A more efficient home is a less expensive home in the long run.

Most hardware and home improvement stores offer pre-slit pipe foam. You’ll need to measure your pipes, cut it to size, and fasten it with duct tape. Make sure you get the best R-value you can--most pipe insulation is R-3.  

Believe it or not, you can get a credit on your income taxes of up to 30% of the cost (up to $1,500) for improving your insulation. Some states and utility companies also offer weatherization programs to low-income households, so it’s worth checking out to see if you’re eligible.

Don’t feel like messing with the job yourself?  The experts at Dauenhauer Plumbing can winterize your entire plumbing system for you, give us a call or schedule on line.

Also, if you forget to insulate your pipes, and need an emergency plumber sometime this winter to deal with frozen, busted pipes? Remember to call Dauenhauer.  

We won’t even say we told you so.