We understand that not everyone shares the same passion for plumbing as we do. But when it comes to random plumbing trivia – we just can’t help ourselves but share. So, please pardon our pipe-filled enthusiasm, and enjoy some fun sanitation themed facts.

The word “plumbing” comes from the word plumbum, which is Latin for lead. This is also why lead is abbreviated as Pb on the periodic table.

Since 1963, there has been enough copper piping installed in American homes to wrap around the Earth 200 times – about 5.3 million miles worth.

In fact, copper piping was used by the Egyptians to lay their own pipes.

The first patent for a flushing toilet was issued in 1775 to a man named Alexander Cummings. However, he was not the first man to invent the flushing a toilet. A man named John Harrington did this in 1596, which is rumored to be why we sometimes refer to the bathroom as “the John.”

In addition, evidence has shown that King Minos of Crete had a flushing water closet about 2,800 years ago.

A faucet that drips just once per second can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water per year.

The toilet is flushed more times during Super Bowl halftime than any other time during the year.

75% of people prefer to position the toilet paper with the flap in the front (overhand) as opposed to in the back.

Albert Einstein is reported to have said that if he had to do it all over again, he’d become a plumber. As a result of this remark, the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union in Washington, DC, made him an honorary member and a New York plumbers’ association gave him a set of gold-plated plumbers’ tools.

Manhole covers are circular so that they can’t fall through the hole when turned sideways.

3 years is the average time that a person will spend on the toilet in their lifetime.

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