Things your plumber really, really wishes you wouldn’t do

Don’t blame yourself. It can happen to the best of us. No matter how much of a good idea it seems to be at the time, sooner or later we all attempt to fix our own plumbing. A few of us manage to escape unscathed, but many of us face the inevitable realization that we made things worse. Here’s a small list of things that appeared to be good ideas at the time. Make no mistake – they are not. Absolutely do not try this at home.

Just add more chemicals.
You should really just avoid using chemicals when trying to unclog drains and pipes. For starters, they rarely get the job done. To make matters worse, the chemical cleaners can actually ruin the pipes they’re supposed to be clearing. Not to mention, they can also be dangerous to you. To sum things up – they don’t work, they’re dangerous to pipes and to you.

Just do it yourself.
Sure, you may know a thing or two about doing a thing or two. We’re not saying you don’t. But instead of risking making matters worse, or simply more expensive – the cheaper option would be to call your local Dauenhauer. The end result more often than not will be less of a headache, and cheaper. Why risk it?

Just Freshen It Up.
It’s time to let go of the drop-in toilet fresheners. Sure, the blue water makes the toilet look clean, but the chemicals involved can actually wear down the parts in your toilet. Plus, as these fresheners disintegrate, they get stuck in the flush valve and eventually prevent the toilet from flushing.

Just Throw It In the Toilet.
It may look like a harmless cotton ball, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to flush it. Cotton balls, napkins, diapers and even some tissues should never be thrown in the toilet. The question isn’t whether or not they can flush, it’s how fast they will disintegrate. Because these items do not disintegrate quickly, they will get stuck in the drain and eventually cause blockages.

Just Dispose It.
While convenient in nature, the garbage disposal can easily be your most abused kitchen appliance. If you put too much rubbish in it, the garbage can damage the blades and end up costing you quite a lot of money. Fibrous food debris, such as artichokes and celery, can cause major issues to your machine. Something to think about.

Just Cram It.
There’s nothing like the space underneath the sink. It’s the perfect place to put stuff and just forget about it. But a lot of times, those pesky curved pipes get in the way. Well, those curved pipes prevent sewer gases from entering your home, while letting wastewater pass through. Instead of cramming things under the sink, help prevent leaks by keeping the area under your sink clutter-free. This means pulling cleaners, trash cans or fire extinguishers away from the area so that there’s nothing that will bump into those pesky pipes.

For more tips about what you should or shouldn’t do with your home plumbing, call your local Louisville Dauenhauer, any hour.