How to Stay Warm With No Power

It’s cold outside. And right now, it’s getting colder inside. If the power does happen to go out, here are some tips to keep you warm until things start to heat up again.

Choose a room
Don’t try to heat your whole house. It’s a waste of needed energy. Instead, focus your attention on heating just one. By picking one room, everyone’s body heat will immediately help with keeping the room warm. When choosing a room, try to pick one that gets a lot of natural sunlight and has a heating source.

Rugs or carpet
Make sure that heat isn’t escaping through the floor either. Take rugs and mats from around the home and lay them down in your room. Add a few layers between you and the cold floor.

Shower curtains over windows
You’ll want to keep heat in your room but still allow natural light to enter the room from a window. A great way to help you do that is with a shower curtain. It’s easy to hang, and it’s not like many showers will be taken without the power on, anyway.

Close doors
Simple, but effective. Just remember to close the door to any room that you’re not using. By doing this, you’ll create an extra barrier between you and your home’s outside walls. Not to mention, you’ll also trap whatever heat you have in the area you’re in.

Living room tents
Now this could just be fun. Setting up a tent to sleep in, or just to hang out in, will even further trap the heat in place for everyone to enjoy. Plus, it could be a good bonding experience that you’ll talk about later.

Layer up
When you dress in layers, you probably won’t even notice that your home is colder than usual. Try warm wool socks, thick sweatpants, thermal shirts and fleece hoodies.

Have any other tips for staying warm during this cold winter? Send them our way. And as always, if you have any plumbing questions, call your Lexington Dauenhauer, any hour.