Plumbing Resolutions

Treating your plumbing better isn’t a typical resolution you would see on anyone’s New Year’s list. We have no doubt about that. But we went ahead and put together a list we think every homeowner should keep in mind for healthy plumbing in 2018.

Show your water heater some love
Your water heater is just like any other complex appliance. After a while, it’s going to need some maintenance. Before any problems start, have a Dauenhauer technician stop by and make sure everything is operating properly and rid your system of any sediment buildup. It’s all about being proactive.

Be kind to your garbage disposal
We can all fall into the habit of just throwing anything and everything down the disposal without giving it much thought. Remember to keep certain foods like breads, pasta and bones out of there to prevent any clogs or buildups.

Don’t let small things turn big
It’s almost like a relationship. Be attentive. Keep an eye out for leaks, drips or irregular noises. If you see something, don’t ignore it. Address it immediately. This will save time and a lot of money in the long run.

Keep your pipes warm
It’s always smart to invest in a little quality insulation for all of your plumbing. And here’s a cheap/easy tip: if freezing temperatures are expected, open the cabinet doors under your sinks. The warm air from your home will go a long way to help prevent any freezing.

Know where things are
This is actually exactly what it sounds like. It’s better to know where things are before an emergency. So find out where your sewer valve and access is located, as well as where the shut-off valves for various appliances are located.

Make time for an inspection
Remember, being proactive can go a long way.

If you have any questions about your New Year’s Plumbing resolutions, call your local Louisville Dauenhauer, any hour, for all your plumbing needs.