Emergency Plumbing Services During the Holidays

It’s the holidays. Which means families everywhere will be spending more time than ever in the kitchen.

While this sudden influx around the stove often means more conversations, it also results in more holiday calls to your local Dauenhauer.

However, getting a plumber to come out to your house during the holiday weekend might not be as easy as it sounds, and you should be prepared to pay top dollar for emergency service.

Plumbers may have their own policy on how to charge during the holidays. The most common occurrence is to charge either by the hour or the job. For emergency calls, you can expect to pay time and a half.

To better prepare for a plumbing disaster, do your research when you don’t need one. This way you can avoid emotional decisions and make the most rational choice.

Clogged Drains
The most likely problem that occurs over the holidays is a clogged drain. Drain clogs often require the assistance of a professional to clear the blockage, but there are plenty of steps homeowners can take on their own to remove a clog or prevent one from occurring.

In the bathroom, clogs occur from the buildup of hair, soap and fibers from towels that accumulates inside of pipes. In the kitchen, sink clogs occur from exactly what you’d suspect – excessive amounts of food being flushed down the drain.

Many clogs can be dislodged using a sink plunger, which is smaller and shaped differently than a toilet plunger. If that doesn't work, try pouring hot or near-boiling water down the drain. The water's heat may break up any organic compounds or soap scum within the clog. A combination of baking soda and hot water can add more clog-busting power to your drain-clearing efforts.

Your Garbage Disposal
Certain foods are a recipe for disaster for your garbage disposal. Whether you’re husking corn or looking for a dumping place for extra grease or oil, the garbage disposal is not the place. Your garbage disposal can only handle so much, and the consequences of throwing even the slightest amount of unwanted items can be disastrous.

Shower Times
Unless you’re planning to tape off your bathroom doorway or invest in an “out of order” sign, your guests are going to want to shower at some point. Ask them to allow a 15-minute resting time between each person so your drain and water heater can catch up.

Trash Bins
There’s never a good time for a toilet clog. Fortunately you can help prevent them from happening by simply getting some extra trash bins. Encourage your guests to use them instead of flushing unwanted items.

No matter how many precautions you take to avoid a plumbing nightmare, sometimes they just happen. If you have an emergency, or simply have questions about holiday plumbing, call your Louisville Dauenhauer, any hour.